When an organisation is founded on principles of enriching lives and generating happiness, the resolute attitude towards challenges and odds becomes the major factor to achieve inspiring milestones, important landmarks and singular standards. In a span of only 4 years Yash Group has sown seeds of a progressive work culture, value added professional conduct and an experience driven by core competencies of expert professionals.

Co-founded by Ms. Nandini Rajput (Chairperson) and Mr. Dinesh Rajput (MD & CEO) with the profound vision to create an organisation with a heart and a compassionate mind. Mr. Rajput with hands on experience of more than 20 years in the hydro sector, has been on the helm of many landmarking projects with proven credence.

The hydropower industry has welcomed the dawn of Yash Group with open arms and it shows as it is already one of the fastest growing entity. Hydropower is Group’s inherent strength and renewable energy on the whole is its domain. Every facet and dimension of Yash Group has been infused with the DNA to think out of the box for the the welfare of our environments to the best of our abilities.

Apart from delivering quality statements by manufacturing ace turbines or by serving best of S&R and EPC solutions, the Yash think tank is striving to create an innovative product showcase ranging from hydro to other renewable disciplines designed to empower India in enterprising ways.

The Group is absolutely conīŦdent and committed that we have set ourselves the ultimate mission to CREATE YASH INDIA! To have the courage and the insight to feel joyful fuels us up to keep marching forward by renewing victories everyday!

Dinesh Rajput
Managing Director & CEO

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